Basic Income Manitoba Resources
1. Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) links individual groups interested in basic income around the world. BIEN introduced ‘Basic Income News’ which offers the latest articles and information about basic income. See the link here.

2. Basic Income Canada Network (BICN) is a non-profit organization comprised of activists, researchers, policy analysts, and those interested in basic income. BICN is affiliated with Basic Income Earth Network. There are several great resources on their website. See the link here.

3. Basic Income Guarantee Backgrounder is an in-depth analysis of basic income compiled and written by Basic Income Canada Network. See the link here.

4. Scott Santen is a writer and Basic Income advocate. He started his own crowdfunded basic income pilot project on Patreon. See the link here.

5. Basic Income: Today is a universal basic income news hub. See the link here.

6. Humans of Basic Income, photographed by Jessie Golem, is a project profiling the impact a basic income had on the lives of people in Ontario. The pilot was introduced in 2017 but was abruptly cancelled after a change in government six months later. See the link here.

7. Ontario’s basic income pilot project and summary of recommendations. See the link here.

8. Basic Income for Canadians: The Key to a Healthier, Happier, More Secure Life for All by Dr. Evelyn Forget uses data and statistical analysis to show the benefits of a basic income. See the link here.

9. The Town with No Poverty: The Health Effects of a Canadian Guaranteed Annual Income Field Experiment by Dr. Evelyn Forget documents the historical context of Manitoba’s MINCOME project and highlights the positive health, education and welfare outcomes. See the link here.

10. The Poverty, Inequality, and Job Challenge: The Case for Basic Income, written by Senator Art Eggleton, Dennis Raphael, Miles Corak, Wayne Lewchuk, and Dr. Evelyn Forget. This book makes a case for basic income by highlighting the current inefficiency of Canada’s social systems and the persistence of poverty. See the link here.