Canada can afford a basic income

Paul Walsh published an article in the Winnipeg Free Press on March 15, 2021. Reproduced below is the un-edited version. Enjoy. PAUL WALSH: Leaving behind my grandmother and his two daughters in rural Ukraine, my grandfather came to Canada over 110 years ago. Approximately 2 years later, in 1912, they joined him on McPhillips Street […]

BIM supports MP Leah Gazan on Basic Income Pitch to Feds

August 10, 2020 – Basic Income Manitoba (BIM) wishes to congratulate Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre Leah Gazan on the private members motion she has developed to encourage the federal government to convert the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit into a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income on a permanent basis. The pandemic and its economic effects […]

Winners of the BIM essay contest

Announcing the 2020 BIM essay contest winners: Secondary School Category First Place: “Basic Income; Replacing Fear With Hope” by Heidi Jean, Maples Met School Second Place: “Basic Income: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty and Achieving Dreams” by Aiyanna St. Cyr, Kelvin High School Third Place: “Basic Income: What it Could Mean for Me” by Jascha […]

Paul Walsh speaks about basic income on CJOB amid the COVID-19 pandemic

“A new survey by Probe Research this week has found that a majority of Manitobans favour bringing in a universal basic income” – Listen to the full interview held on May 10, 2020 above.

Universal basic income offers stability during crisis

Sid Frankel publishes a timely coronavirus related article in The Winnipeg Free Press.

Evelyn Forget talks about her new book on TVO

Under the former Liberal government, Hamilton, Thunder Bay, and Lindsay were test cities for a basic-income pilot. Eligible citizens were offered a guaranteed annual income. The idea was to check on how the participants’ lives changed after three years, then decide whether to take the plan provincewide. Subsequently, the new PC government cancelled the pilot. […]

James Mulvale writes a letter to the Winnipeg Free Press – Re: Pallister gives cabinet ministers marching orders for new session

“With a secure economic floor provided by an adequate and unconditional basic income, people have a better chance to secure decent jobs, finish education and training, or start businesses … The Progressive Conservative government might look at the platforms offered by the NDP, Liberal and Green parties in the 2019 provincial election. All three parties […]

Basic Income Manitoba thanks The Winnipeg Free Press

Basic Income Manitoba is excited to announce that the Winnipeg Free Press is partnering with us in the sponsorship of an essay contest, the details of which will be announced in the newspaper in the Saturday edition on February 15th. Leading up to the announcement there will be display ads in the paper on January […]

Paul Walsh Speaks About Basic Income on CBC

Visit CBC for the original interview.

November is Financial Literacy Month

Debunking myths about low income and money management ​Financial literacy is not only important for financial well-being, it’s also important for the overall economy. Knowing the basics of money management is just as essential today as numeracy and literacy, says the Government of Canada. One of the common myths of basic income is that those […]