BIM supports MP Leah Gazan on Basic Income Pitch to Feds

August 10, 2020 – Basic Income Manitoba (BIM) wishes to congratulate Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre Leah Gazan on the private members motion she has developed to encourage the federal government to convert the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit into a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income on a permanent basis.

The pandemic and its economic effects have revealed the inadequacy of Canada’s income support programs to provide all Canadians with the security that they need to live dignified fulfilled lives.

“A guaranteed livable basic would remedy this to the benefit of Canadian society and its economy,” said Sid Frankel, board member of Basic Income Manitoba.

“Basic Income Manitoba is pleased to work with Manitoba members of parliament from all parties to encourage adoption of a basic income. It is what Manitoban’s want and need. A Probe Research poll released in May, 2020 found that 62 per cent of Manitobans support introducing a universal basic income,” said Paul Walsh, chairperson of Basic Income Manitoba.

Gazan plans to file her motion in an upcoming hybrid session of parliament, set for August 12, 2020. The motion also calls on the federal government to work with provincial and territorial governments and Indigenous peoples to implement a permanent basic income

For more information please contact:

Sid Frankel
Board Member, BIM

Paul Walsh
Chairperson, BIM

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