Why Basic Income? (a short video)

Basic Income Manitoba Community Conversation

Join us on September 20, 2018 at the University of Winnipeg for Basic Income Manitoba Community Conversation. Don’t forget to RSVP!

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Canadian Association of Social Workers supports BI

In October the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) released a position paper recommending a Universal Basic Income (uBIG) to ensure no person in Canada lives in poverty; bolster the Canadian economy; and put an end to income assistance systems that are often inefficient and unkind.

“The cost of current income support programs in Canada is close to $200 billion per year, but are piece-meal, often stigmatizing, vary from province to province, and are ultimately unsuccessful at breaking the cycle of poverty,” said CASW President, Jan Christianson-Wood. “It’s very easy to blame the individual, but when you take a closer look, many income assistance systems actually trap people in poverty. It’s time to change that, and move from the idea of a ‘safety-net,’ to an equitable floor on which we can all stand,” stated Christianson-Wood. “What makes uBIG special is that it doesn’t use a clawback – people should be empowered to work, while knowing they have a stable support system behind them.”

“uBIG isn’t a panacea – but it is the next piece of the puzzle. We have the means in Canada to lift everyone out of poverty, and we need to act on the knowledge that poverty isn’t a personal problem, it’s a systemic one,” concluded Christianson-Wood.  Click here to read the report.

Resources from Mincome Symposium

On October 3rd, 2017 the Mincome Symposium was held at the University of Manitoba.  If you weren’t able to attend, you’ll find the resources in the link below including the two papers presented and an audio clip of Ron Hikel’s interview with UMFM.  Enjoy.



Join Basic Income Manitoba on October 3

…to hear what we can learn from Mincome.  Basic Income Manitoba is co-hosting a seminar featuring Ron Hikel, who was one of the architects of the 1970s Mincome project, and members of the University of Manitoba Department of Economics will offer lessons that can inform our understanding of basic income in the 21st Century.  For more info, see the poster:

Learning from Mincome poster

Basic Income Manitoba public meeting in fall

Over the summer, the steering committee of Basic Income Manitoba is taking steps to incorporate as a non-profit organization.  In the fall, we will be holding a public meeting to share opportunities for members to participate in the activities of the organization.  Stay tuned for announcements of date/time and location.

Former PM Paul Martin Supports BI

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin has spoken out in favour of a basic income guarantee, saying there is “merit” in this policy tool to help lower income Canadians.

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National Poverty Reduction Case Studies

Winnipeg is among six cities the federal government plans to include in case studies to inform national poverty reduction strategy. Basic Income Manitoba aims to work with federal members of parliament to promote basic income as a valuable anti-poverty strategy.

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Law Scholar calls on public to hold new Manitoba government to account

Lorna Turnbull argues that the Pallister government must make good on its promise to make sure that Manitoba is a “have” province for all Manitobans so that everyone can fully enjoy their rights as citizens.

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Winnipeg Conference Looks at Real Life Experiences

Reporting on the North American Basic Income Guarantee conference, Josh Brandon notes that it was held jointly at the University of Manitoba and at the Neeginan Centre, an Indigenous training and community development centre in downtown Winnipeg, successfully wedding community experience and academic research in a way that is often lacking at conferences organized exclusively by universities.

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In-depth Reading and Audio-Visual Resources

Basic Income: An Idea Whose Time Has Come. A TED talk delivered by Dr. James Mulvale at the TEDxUManitoba event, 24 March 2016

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Highlights of the North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress in May 2016 (produced by Winnipeg Harvest)

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Presentations at the NABIG Congress 2016

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Sid Frankel and James Mulvale, Support and Inclusion for All Manitobans: Steps Toward A Basic Income Scheme (2014) 37 Manitoba Law Review, pp 425-464

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Basic Income: An Anti-Poverty Strategy for Social Work. Audio podcast by Dr. James Mulvale, University of Manitoba, with Dr. Gretchen Ely. Episode 165 of in SocialWork podcast series of the School of Social Work, University at Buffalo (New York).

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