Committee Members

Donald Benham (Co-Chair) has a track record in municipal politics and is the Hunger and Poverty Awareness Manager at Winnipeg Harvest.

Ursule Critoph (Co-Chair) has decades of experience in the Canadian union movement and labour force development.

Meaghan Erbus has been working on poverty issues with various Winnipeg organizations and is now the Public Education Administrator at Winnipeg Harvest.

Sid Frankel is a member of the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Manitoba who works on the non-profit sector and is an activist and community volunteer.

Debbie Moore is a Life Coach and the President of a start-up ecommerce business that sells men’s custom shirts. She has been actively supporting various anti-poverty initiatives for over a decade.

Jim Mulvale is the Dean of the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Manitoba, active in anti-poverty research and a founding member of the Basic Income Canada Network.

David Northcott recently retired as the executive director of Winnipeg Harvest and has been outspoken about the need to end poverty.

Lorna Turnbull (Co-Chair) is a member of the Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba, working on gender equality and children’s rights, a community activist and the mother of three.

Paul Walsh Q.C. is a lawyer whose history includes a weekly commentary on CBC radio, and CTV.  He has served on community cultural boards including The Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, Winnipeg Art Gallery, as well as the United Way.