Why Basic Income? (a short video)

Join Basic Income Manitoba on October 3

…to hear what we can learn from Mincome.  Basic Income Manitoba is co-hosting a seminar featuring Ron Hikel, who was one of the architects of the 1970s Mincome project, and members of the University of Manitoba Department of Economics will …
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Basic Income Manitoba public meeting in fall

Over the summer, the steering committee of Basic Income Manitoba is taking steps to incorporate as a non-profit organization.  In the fall, we will be holding a public meeting to share opportunities for members to participate in the activities of the …
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Former PM Paul Martin Supports BI

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin has spoken out in favour of a basic income guarantee, saying there is “merit” in this policy tool to help lower income Canadians. Read more…  

"I support the Idea of BasIc Income Guarantee for everyone In Canada."

"Je soutIens l’Idée d’un revenu de Base Garant I pour tous au canada"