Evelyn Forget talks about her new book on TVO

Under the former Liberal government, Hamilton, Thunder Bay, and Lindsay were test cities for a basic-income pilot. Eligible citizens were offered a guaranteed annual income. The idea was to check on how the participants’ lives changed after three years, then decide whether to take the plan provincewide. Subsequently, the new PC government cancelled the pilot. […]

Paul Walsh speaks about basic income on CJOB amid the COVID-19 pandemic

“A new survey by Probe Research this week has found that a majority of Manitobans favour bringing in a universal basic income” – Listen to the full interview held on May 10, 2020 above.

Universal basic income offers stability during crisis

Sid Frankel publishes a timely coronavirus related article in The Winnipeg Free Press.

James Mulvale writes a letter to the Winnipeg Free Press – Re: Pallister gives cabinet ministers marching orders for new session

“With a secure economic floor provided by an adequate and unconditional basic income, people have a better chance to secure decent jobs, finish education and training, or start businesses … The Progressive Conservative government might look at the platforms offered by the NDP, Liberal and Green parties in the 2019 provincial election. All three parties […]

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